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The Value of Mentors Books

Mentors Books helps you learn from leaders.

Everyone has had a mentor in their life. The challenge is finding great mentors that are willing to share their wisdom and experience.

The first book in the Mentors Books series titled “Make The Cut!” focuses on the most successful professional chefs in Las Vegas.

In book two “Drive to Win!” you will meet some of the fastest funny car drivers in the world.

Book three “Make The Team!” shows you what it takes to be a successful Marine Special Operations Command operator.

Each Mentors Books focuses on the movers-and-shakers of specific industries or groups. We give you the inside story of how these individuals made it to the top of their respective fields. They share the personal experiences, core values, character traits, and beliefs that have elevated them to the top. The contend is no-nonsense, practical, personal, and in depth.

By using the challenge chapters at the end of each Mentors Book title you will be able to decide the values and character traits you want to work on in your life. When you model the values and characteristics of amazingly successful people you are literally learning from leaders.

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Learning from leaders is the core of the Mentors Book series and can be broken down into three steps:

1. Find the leaders
By focusing our attention on only the top leaders in our select markets we deliver the most relevant content available.

2. Follow the Leaders
By understanding how a leader made it to the top of their field you will be able to apply the same values and character traits in your life.

3. Become a leader
By using the simple Master Value Checklist found in final chapter of each Mentors Series book you will be able to identify core values of success that you want in your life. You will also be able to track your progress as you make them your own.