Great Quotes

Matt_Hagan_Head-SMMatt Hagan on Competition
“To me that is my number one thing is just to be competitive with everything you; do don’t halfway do something. If you’re going to do something do it all the way.”




Johnny Gray on SuccessJohnny_Gray_Head-SM
“Success would be one of my highest passions. I love to succeed and it really doesn’t matter what it is. I love success; everybody wants to be a winner whether it’s in business, racing, or fishing.”





Vincent-head-shot-SMVincent Pouessel on Love of Family
“If I had only six months, I would go straightway back to Bretagne, for sure, and get back to where I came from, back to my family.”





Mathieu Chartron on PassionMathieu-Chartron-SM
“Work. Be passionate and patient. I am in love with what I do. If you don’t love what you do, you need to find something else.”