Make the Team!

In Make the Team! you will meet an elite group of Special Operations Marines. These incredible men share their own personal backstory of the events that led them to Marines Special Operations Command. They share the experiences and character traits that helped propel them into the most elite fighting force in the Marine Corps. These men are all active duty so their names and rank have been changed to pseudonyms or fictitious names to protect their identities.

At the end of the book the values of each Marine are listed and compared to provide you with a unique hierarchy of the success values and character traits for Special Operations Marines.

At the end of the book there is a 5 Step Initiative that will help you implement their rules of success.


​Sgt. Brown


​Sgt. White


​Sgt. ​Teal


​Sgt. ​Gray

​Sgt. Red

​Sgt. ​Purple

​Sgt. ​​Khaki

​Sgt. ​​Cyan

​Sgt. Black

​Sgt. ​Green

​Sgt. ​Blue

​Sgt. ​Beige