Jack Beckman

Jack_Beckman_HeadSo you are a child of a past generation.
Jack: I imagine anyone who is over 25 years old could say the same thing. I got my first paper route when I was 10 years old. My folks, more specifically my dad, were very big on teaching my brother and I financial independence and the value of things. So my paper route eventually grew into three paper routes. I raced bicycle BMX from age 10 to 12 and I was pretty hard-core at it. I was pretty good at it as well. At each age group I eventually progressed up to the expert level. I got a closet full of trophies from that. My dad let it be known that I could do whatever I wanted but he wasn’t going to buy me race equipment. So if I wanted something I just had to work a little bit harder for it.

That is a great work ethic he helped instill in you.
Jack: Yes and its probably part of the reason I’m screwed up today (laughter)! One Christmas my brother and I came out and there was a freaking lawn mower with our names on it. All I thought was, “What the hell are my parents doing?”. I have to tell you my brother and I wore the wheels off that lawn mower. We went up and down the neighborhood and mowed our neighbors lawns for thee bucks each and made a ton of money.
For young kids who were 10 or 11 years old at the time we didn’t mind sweating and couldn’t believe that we could get paid money to mow lawns. It was really a cool thing. I think it taught us an early lesson in life that you could afford anything you wanted, but there was a certain amount of labor attached to the value of the thing you wanted.

It’s a direct relation of labor, money, and item.
Jack: Exactly. So if I wanted something that was hundred and fifty bucks and I knew each job paid five bucks, thirty jobs and I earned that thing so I better start right now.